15/01/2024 /

Designing a dedicated financial platform to promote the integration of Israeli innovation in international development

Israel, due to its position as both a high-income country and a world leader in [...]
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19/11/2023 /

Promotion of Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure Standards in Israel

Transportation infrastructure has a negative impact on the environment in several ways: high emissions of carbon [...]
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13/11/2023 /

Climate Technology-Ways to strengthen the climate tech sectors in Israel

Israel, as part of its commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention, has issued several [...]
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07/09/2022 /

Measurement and reduction of embodied carbon in the Israeli building sector

Embodied Carbon refers to the total Co2 emissions that are created in the whole life […]

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05/09/2022 /

Green, Social and Sustainable (GSS) Bonds in Israel

GSSS (Green, Social, Sustainable, Sustainability-Linked) Bonds are one of the most growing financial instruments in [...]
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09/01/2022 /

Circular Economy in the Construction Sector

In recent years, the circular economy approach has been developed as an alternative approach to [...]
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19/12/2021 /

Models for Cooperation with Development Finance institutions

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future [...]
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13/10/2021 /

Increasing Business Credit in Israel

Credit to the business sector in Israel is low in international comparison, and constitutes about [...]
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04/11/2020 /

A Methodology to Determine Israeli Values for External Costs of Water Pollution

This research examines the possible methodologies for pricing external costs of water pollutants as monetary [...]
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20/10/2020 /

Tools for Promoting Israeli Innovation in Emerging Markets

This research aims to expand existing knowledge about the barriers facing the creation of targeted emerging [...]
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