13/10/2021 /

Increasing Business Credit in Israel

Credit to the business sector in Israel is low in international comparison, and constitutes about [...]
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04/11/2020 /

A Methodology to Determine Israeli Values for External Costs of Water Pollution

This research examines the possible methodologies for pricing external costs of water pollutants as monetary [...]
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20/10/2020 /

Tools for Promoting Israeli Innovation in Emerging Markets

This research aims to expand existing knowledge about the barriers facing the creation of targeted emerging [...]
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30/09/2020 /

Are parents in Israel saving too much for retirement?

Are parents in Israel saving too much for retirement? Comparison of retirement replacement rate in [...]
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04/03/2020 /

Peer loans as a solution to the financing problem of small businesses in Israel

To improve the credit supply available to small businesses, the State of Israel has many [...]
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11/02/2020 /

Collaborative Commuting Solutions to Address Road Congestion

Traffic congestion in Israel is currently reaching new highs. Many impacts on the economy, including [...]
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09/12/2019 /

Innovative Solutions to the Municipality of Jerusalem’s Fiscal Problem

The Municipality of Jerusalem operates under a rapidly growing operating budget deficit, which in 2019 [...]
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04/12/2019 /

Government tools to support the private sector as part of Israel’s international development activities

The Israeli government is on the final stages of forming its international development strategy. As [...]
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27/11/2019 /

Governmental financial Tools for mobilizing institutional investments to developing countries

The recommendation of this research is to create an Israeli investment fund which invests in [...]
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15/09/2019 /

Encouraging the Commercialization of Israeli Cleantech

This research maps the ecosystem of the technology transfer process for the environmental technologies sector, [...]
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