In a word, Jerusalem is unique.  It is at once a world-class brand, a paradox [...]
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Accelerating Agritech Solutions in Israel, California, and Developing Economies

The global agricultural industry, which includes agritech and other agribusiness sectors, includes not only the [...]
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Designing an Israeli development financing platform: Towards Sustainable Development Goals

Israel’s dazzling success in high-tech innovation has diverted attention from issues that threaten its long-term [...]
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Models for Biomedical Innovation and Commercialization

Biomedical researchers in labs around the world are discovering potential treatments and cures, and publishing [...]
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Financing Green Building in Residential Development

Buildings are responsible for nearly 60 percent of Israel’s electricity consumption and contribute 28 percent [...]
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Financial Models for Water Sustainability

Wide-ranging advances in water technology can reduce the costs of desalination, recycling, and groundwater storage. [...]
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22/05/2015 / Katie Olderman,Caitlin MacLean

Innovative Financing Models for Energy Infrastructure in Africa

The infrastructure needs of sub-Saharan Africa are expected to exceed US$93 billion annually over the [...]
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Capital Access in Israel Underserved Markets

In 2014 the Milken Institute convened a Financial Innovations Lab® on the topic of how [...]
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(Re)Inventing Israel’s Capital Markets

The historic 2010 dual graduation of Israel to developed country status in the OECD and [...]
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Toward Affordable Housing in Israel

Israel is experiencing significant failures in its housing market. A dramatic increase in housing costs [...]
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