Milken Innovation Center produces a variety of publications, including policy briefs, Financial Innovations Lab reports, and applied research reports.  Each publication is publicly available and can be downloaded from our website.

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Applied Research

Through our network of research professionals and our competitive Fellows program, we produce a steady…

Circular Economy in the Construction Sector

By: | 09/01/2022
In recent years, the circular economy approach has been developed as an alternative approach to [...]
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Models for Cooperation with Development Finance institutions

By: | 19/12/2021
The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future [...]
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Policy Briefs

Our Policy Briefs include specific solutions for specific questions – usually around the policy question…

Financing Climate Innovation and Energy Transition

By: | 07/12/2021

In one of history’s greatest setbacks, the Eastern Mediterranean, once the cosmopolitan center of global […]

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Thinking Differently about the Israel Citizens Fund

By: | 15/11/2020
This policy brief is based upon the testimony (September 8, 2020) of Prof. Glenn Yago [...]
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Financial Innovation Labs

Financial Innovations Labs are high speed, high impact “events” which bring together key stakeholders to structure a…

Accelerating Agritech Solutions in Israel, California, and Developing Economies

By: , | 01/06/2020
The global agricultural industry, which includes agritech and other agribusiness sectors, includes not only the [...]
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Designing an Israeli development financing platform: Towards Sustainable Development Goals

By: , | 24/06/2019
Israel’s dazzling success in high-tech innovation has diverted attention from issues that threaten its long-term [...]
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