29/10/2017 /

 Additional Value of Rooftop Solar

The next few years hold many challenges for the energy sector in Israel, including the [...]
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16/10/2017 /

Measuring Social Programs

Social programs provide solutions to social problems, usually resulting from market failures.   These social programs [...]
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24/11/2016 /

Tax Incentives for Impact Investment

The intensity and range of social problems in the 21st century, together with increasingly limited [...]
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02/10/2016 /

Governmental Discount Rate

The proper discount rate for governmental investments stands at the heart of a stubborn controversy [...]
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27/09/2016 /

Agri-Technology (agritech) in Israel-Barriers and Opportunities

In recent years, two global trends have been observed in the agricultural sector. The increasing [...]
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15/09/2016 /

Making the Business Case for Water Projects

This research builds off of the 2016 Financial Innovations Lab report by the Milken Innovation [...]
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12/09/2016 /

Expanding solar energy production on residential buildings

Only three percent of electricity generation using photovoltaic (PV) technology in Israel comes from residential [...]
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08/09/2016 /

Government Support Program to Enhance Alternative Finance Initiatives

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are consistently shown to be crucial for economic growth and [...]
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04/09/2016 /

Demutualization: Introduction, influence and the predicted ownership structure for the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

The focus of this research is the change in the legal ownership structure of stock [...]
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06/11/2015 /

Financial Tools for Green Building

Buildings are responsible for about 32% of the world's energy consumption (60% in Israel) and [...]
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