15/11/2020 /

Thinking Differently about the Israel Citizens Fund

This policy brief is based upon the testimony (September 8, 2020) of Prof. Glenn Yago [...]
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Tourism Tax in Jerusalem: Promoting Tourism Development

This policy brief highlights best practices for the design and implementation of a regional tourism [...]
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07/08/2019 /


In 2017, the European Union launched a major initiative under its Horizon 2020 program to [...]
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Israel’s Bridge to Developing Economies

Earlier this decade, economic output in developing markets surpassed developing markets. By 2030, the middle [...]
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25/07/2017 /

Structuring Government Guarantees for Energy Efficient Investment to Reduce Global Green House Gas Emissions

In partnership with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Milken Innovation Center completed report on [...]
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20/09/2016 /

Zooming Out

This policy brief examines the role of Jerusalem in the re-emerging region of the Eastern [...]
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Still Digging Out

This policy brief argues that, given the political and diplomatic gridlock at which the Israeli-Palestinian [...]
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Strengthening Israel’s Regions: Creating New Sources of Capital For Economic Development in the Negev and Galilee

This report proposes creating a Regional Development Financing Initiative (RDFI) to make private capital available [...]
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Financing Kidron/Wadi El Nar Revitalization: A Bridge to Development

This report describes the contours of a potential financing plan for sewage infrastructure in the […]

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Financial Inclusion: Increasing Access For Underserved Population In Israel

This report provides an overview of a policy workshop that explored how to improve financial […]

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