27/12/2012 / , , Caitlin MacLean

Building a Social Capital Market in Israel

Israel's social sector "the public and private agencies, institutions, and businesses that address the country [...]
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26/11/2012 / , , Vered Blass, Shiri Heffer

Financing Solid Waste Disposal in Israel

The Milken Institute conducted the Financial Innovations Lab® in January 2011,in Jerusalem. The Laboratory focused [...]
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22/11/2012 / Caitlin Maclean

Innovative financing for global health research

The world of medicine has long been divided between developed countries that can afford cutting-edge [...]
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26/07/2012 / , , Caitlin MacLean

Biodiversity Conservation in Israel

Located at the nexus of three continents, Israel is home to a diversity of complex [...]
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26/12/2011 / , Yuan-Hsin (Rita) Chiang

Structuring Israel’s Sovereign Investment Fund: Financing the Nation’s Future

The recent discovery of two massive offshore natural gas fields about 130 kilometers west of [...]
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26/01/2011 / , Catlin Maclean

Cultural Heritage as an Economic Development Resource in Israel

Two-thirds of Israel's 64 developed archaeological sites are operating in the red, creating an unsustainable [...]
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22/12/2010 / Joel Kurtzman, Laura Segafredo, Brian Vo

Financial Innovations for Infrastructure Finance: The Grid, Renewables and Beyond

The U.S. electrical grid is suffering from more than 25 years of declining investment, and [...]
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22/04/2010 / Martha Amram, Penny Angkinand, Betsy Zeidman

Financing the Residential Retrofit Revolution

Our homes produce 20 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, and study after study [...]
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26/11/2009 / , Catlin Maclean

Financial Innovations for Freshwater Revitalization: Transboundary Project Finance in Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority

Two fundamental questions—Who is in charge? And who will pay?—have stalled past attempts by local [...]
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26/11/2009 / , Catlin Maclean

Financial Innovations in Israel: Revolving Fund for River Restoration

Sixty years after independence, Israel faces a severe environmental crisis: many of its rivers and [...]
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