Toward Affordable Housing in Israel

Toward affordable

Israel is experiencing significant failures in its housing market. A dramatic increase in housing costs over the past five years has outpaced the rise in average household income. There are too few apartments for rent or purchase, and working families cannot compete in the current apartment market.

The housing dilemma is complex. It involves issues of housing policy, program development, banking and lending policies, and barriers not just to direct investment but also to public-private partnerships that leverage public funding with private capital. The solution lies in stocking a “toolbox” that includes novel applications for reliable
financial instruments, and for uniting market-, community-, and policy-based approaches to bridge the gaps between housing costs and supply.

Various stakeholders in the issue—the central government, local governments, community groups, developers, and investors—have offered a number of initiatives designed overall to deliver more apartments and, as a result, more affordable apartments.

Glenn Yago
Glenn Yago
Glenn Yago is the Senior Director of the Milken Innovation Center at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research and a Senior Fellow / Founder,Financial Innovations Labs® (Milken Institute-U.S). He is a leading authority on financial innovations, capital markets, emerging markets...
Steven Zecher
Steven Zecher
Steven Zecher is the project director the Milken Innovation Center at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research. His work focuses on financing strategies with an emphasis on public-private-philanthropic capital structures. Zecher has extensive experience in urban and regional development policy,...
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