Securitization: Bringing a Modern Financial Instrument to Israel

This research focuses on securitizing the loans of small business in Israel. Creating a secondary market of the sort would make lending to small businesses more attractive for credit providers, thus addressing the lack of credit access from which such business suffer.

The recommendations of the study include a) passing legislation which allows for securitization of small business loans, and b) taking advantage of state and philanthropic guarantees which already exist for small business loans to leverage securitization.

David Dvir
As a fellow, David Interned at the Knesset with MK Daniel Benlolo which served as the coalition coordinator in the finance committee and in the economics committee. During the program, Dvir advised to the MK on diverse economic legislation and economic...
Yohay Terri
As a fellow, Yohay interned at the Knesset with Finance Committee member MK Ehud Rassabi. His research, co-authored with fellow David Dvir, focused on securitization, aiming to bringing a modern financial instrument to Israel. Terri holds a B.A. in economics and...
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