Credit Discrimination in Israel: A Proposal for Reform

This research focuses on credit access in Israel, and puts forward a number of recommendations to reach fuller financial inclusion in the country. The major recommendation is to pass an equitable credit law in Israel, focused on the application of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) in the U.S.

An Israeli CRA would allow for credit to be more accessible irrespective of region, would remove some of the barriers in accessing credit experienced by the non-profit sector and small businesses, and would improve the financial situations of lower- and middle-class communities in the country.

Aharon Cohen Mohliver
A three-year fellow (2004-2007), Aharon interned for two years as an economic policy advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and was also an economic advisor for Knesset member Amnon Cohen. Cohen Mohliver wrote numerous research papers during his fellowship. Among...
Eyal Seri
As a fellow, Eyal interned at the Knesset with Finance Committee members MK Orit Noked and MK Yitzhak Cohen. His research, co-authored with fellow Aharon Cohen Mohliver, focused on credit discrimination in Israel. Seri holds a B.A. in computer science...
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