Leveraging ARO’s R&D through agricultural sector development in Africa

The findings of the research work indicate that there is a feasibility for establishing a research center focused in Africa, but it is recommended that it be established only after designing a strategic plan for a stable and long-term activity.

As Africa’s share of the global agricultural industry grows, sometimes at the expense of developed countries, including Israel, the Director of Agricultural Research organization will need to adapt and change if it wants to grow and continue to be one of the world’s leading agricultural activities. To enable leading agricultural research to be directed at the needs of African countries, the organization is committed to establishing close and stable collaborations with all key stakeholders in the target countries.

Rotem Zelingher
A 2017-2018 fellow, Zelingher interned  at the Agricultural Research Organization – Volcani Center in Beit Dagan. Prior  to  joining the program, she worked as an intern at the Arava Institute with the Climate Change group, and as a research assistant...
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