Prof. Eytan Sheshinski Research Advisor

Prof. Sheshinski is a research advisor to fellow Assa Cohen.

Prof. Sheshinski is an emeritus lecturer in economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is the Sir Isaac Wolfson Emeritus Professor of Public Finance at the university.

Sheshinski received a Ph.D., in economics  from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.His research intrests are Public economics: tax theory, natural monopolies and regulatory policies,social insurance systems. Privatization of state-owned enterprises.Price adjustments under inflation.

Abatement taxation; quotas and other fiscal means, atmosphere externalities.

Was the Head of the Committee to Examine the Fiscal Policy on Oil and Gas Resources in Israel and head of Sheshinski committee 2 .  Among his different positions he served as Director, Workshop on Privatization and Regulatory Reform; Board of Directors and Investment Committee, Psagot Provident Fund;Board of Directors Discount Bank Ltd.

Photo: Dudi Vaknin

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