Dr. Dan Kaufman Research Advisor
Research advisor to fellow Yael Naor
Dr. Dan Kaufman has been a senior researcher at the Industrial Development Policy Group since 1991. During the past three years, his main research has focused on the development of regional innovation policies. Dr. Kaufmann was the coordinator of the European Jerusalem Regional Innovation Project (J-RIS) (2005-2008) for the development of an innovation strategy for the Jerusalem metropolitan area.
Dr. Kaufman participated in the FP5 IFISE project, where he conducted a study of the Israeli financial support mechanisms for SMEs, and in the FP6 BioLink project, which built a co-incubation model of five European leading biotechnology incubators.
Dr. Kaufmann coordinated the FP7 TARGET project for designing a targeted R&D policy. He is also a director at Bio-Magnesium Systems, a start-up company developing biodegradable implants, a director at the Strategic R&D program at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and a lecturer at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
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