Ronny Daniel Research Advisor

Research advisor to fellow Noam Sonennberg.

Ronny is an architect, and the professional manager at the Israeli Council for Green Construction (ILGBC). He co-founded The Natural Step Israel and is a chairman of the committee of Israeli standards for green building. Ronny works to connect sustainability and innovation and advises companies, municipalities and government agencies. In the past he did strategic consulting for an organization focusing on sustainable economies, during which time, he led innovations at Whiteboard and managed the Israeli process of the OECD initiative to build a set of sustainability indicators for Israel. Ronny graduated from the Technion Faculty of Architecture (B. Arch) and an MSc in strategic planning and sustainability (M.Sc.) from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. Ronny has authored numerous publications examining tools from the field of behavioral economics and their application to promote green construction in Israel, for the Ministry of Environmental Protection; tomorrow’s economy – a green policy for economic strength and more.

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