Governmental financial Tools for mobilizing institutional investments to developing countries

The recommendation of this research is to create an Israeli investment fund which invests in projects within sectors in which Israeli companies have a relative advantage in, and to strive to help achieving the SDGs. In this fund, a necessary condition for investing in a project is that it would have an Israeli affinity of some sort. This can be achieved by having an Israeli company investing side by side with the fund, or an Israeli company which provides goods or services for the project in the developing country. The fund will help shift risk from institutional investors by providing preferred conditions for the capital from the private institutions.

Doron Koll
A 2018-2019 fellow , Koll interned in the Ministry of Finance, the department of the Chief Economist. Prior to joining to Fellows Program, he worked at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and was responsible for the economic analyses related to green building programs....
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