Government tools to support the private sector as part of Israel’s international development activities

The Israeli government is on the final stages of forming its international development strategy. As part of this process, being explored is the issue of incorporating the private sector into the strategy due to the potential benefits it could bring to developing countries and to the Israeli economy. Therefore, the government examines what are the assistance tools for the private sector that would best allow it to conduct business activity in emerging markets. This research aimed at deepening the understanding regarding governmental assistance tools for the private sector, by closely examining the link between financial and non-financial (technical) assistance tools, and suggesting what this connection could offer to both governments and companies. The purpose of this research is to support the Israel’s efforts to harness its private sector capabilities and solutions to address the challenges that developing countries are facing. Ideally, it could be used as a ground for a discussion regarding the structuring of governmental assistance tools for the private sector aimed at enhancing its business activity in the international development arena.

Hadas Karshai
A 2018-2019 fellow, Karshai interned at the Foreign Trade administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy. Prior to joining the program, she worked at the public sector unit of Lotem, an organizational consulting firm, as a learning and training development...
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