Encouraging the Commercialization of Israeli Cleantech

This research maps the ecosystem of the technology transfer process for the environmental technologies sector, analyzing specific barriers such as transfer of technology from the laboratory to applied projects, technology risk, market, financing, technical support, and scaling up challenges. To overcome these barriers, the research suggests adjustments to existing Government programs and new initiatives that may lead to commercialization of new technologies in the Cleantech sector.

The recommendation in this paper have been reviewed by policy leaders in the relevant ministries and authorities in Israel, with new program initiatives being considered for implementation at this time.  At the same time, the findings, methodology, and recommendations are relevant to other countries with interest and commitment to the Cleantech sectors.

Elior Bliah
A 2018-2019 fellow, Bliah interned at the Ministry of Environmental Protection. At the age of 6, Bliah made Aliya with his family from France where he was born. Prior to joining the Fellows program, he worked at the Bank of...
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