How to Turn the Start-up Region into the Start-up Nation?

The research provides decision makers with a methodological infrastructure for building policy tools for the development of technological entrepreneurship from a regional perspective. The research provides tools for examining the existing regional characteristics and for examining the feasibility and effectiveness of the policy and the development strategy. The motivation for the research stems from the need for a government policy for regional economic development adapted to the various regions, in order to meet the population distribution goals set out in the housing strategy plan formulated by the National Economic Council in the Prime Minister’s Office. The main emphasis of this type of government policy is the creation of high-paying employment outside the center of the country, in order to encourage the internal migration of an educated population to these areas. The research focuses on high-tech, especially technological entrepreneurship.

Yael Naor
A 2016-2017 fellow, Naor interns at the National Economic Council. Prior to joining the program, Naor  worked in the National Economic Council in the Prime Ministers' office, and was involved in a variety of projects focusing on retirement, pensions, regional...
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