Promoting Energy Efficiency

This research surveys energy demand and use in Israel, and concludes that without a sufficient program for dramatically increasing the supply of energy in Israel, the Israeli economy will find itself in an energy crisis by 2009.

The study suggests ways to address this impending crisis. The first sections of the study survey the energy industry in Israel, review the potential benefits of increasing energy efficiency in Israel, and provide case studies of existing programs from around the world. The latter sections delve into the savings mechanisms of increasing efficiency, and provides concrete recommendations for the implementation of energy efficiency programs.

Noa Yehezkel
A two-year fellow (2006-08), Yehezkel interned at the Knesset with MK Eliahu Gabai, a member of the Knesset's Economics Committee. Her first-year research focused on employment solutions for the elderly while her second-year research focused on promoting energy efficiency. During...
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