Regulatory Barriers in the Alternative energy markets

In view of its R&D achievements in the domain of renewable energy – energy derived from non-consumable sources such as sun, wind, water, organic waste, sewage, etc. – Israel is potentially capable of exploiting its technological advantage and becoming a world leader in the field. Indeed, Israeli technologies are already used by alternative energy producers, only the technology is used mainly abroad.

This research identifies ways of producing electricity based on alternative sources within Israel. Decisions taken in Israel over the years are examined and compared with environmentally oriented examples throughout the world, from which emerge some practical recommendations for implementation of similar policies in Israel.

Inbal Robbas
A two-year fellow (2006-08), Inbal interned at the National Economic Council, at the Prime Minister's Office. Her research focused on regulatory barriers in the alternative energy market. Prior to joining the fellows program, Robbas volunteered as a project manager at...
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