Northern Israel Tourism Improvement District

To unleash the potential projects and jobs that come with tourism, this research recommends the northern district be defined as a tourism improvement district. A board of directors would choose the projects for investment and determine the conditions and regulations within the district. An investment fund would be established to raise money, issue bonds, and award loans to entrepreneurs.

Many tourist projects, both private and municipal initiatives, are awaiting investment in Israel’s northern district. Most of these projects were halted at the financing stage, and they suffer from fiscal hardships, a lack of funding sources, bureaucratic difficulties, and impediments emanating from land allotment policies and changes in intended land usage by the Israel Land Administration. Tourism could be a primary growth engine, serving as fertile ground for action, enterprises, and employment. The potential is especially great in the north because of the variety of tourist attractions. In fact, more than 60 percent of Israelis say they vacation there. Tourism can strengthen the north’s unique advantages while accelerating the advance of high-tech and other modern industries.

Abed Assli
A two-year fellow (2007-09), Abed focused on regional development models for Northern Israel, playing an important role in the Milken Institute's work in these areas. During his first year as a fellow, he interned at the Knesset with MK Nadia Hilou,...
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