Implementation of Alternative Fuels to Deal with Interruptions in the Supply of Transportation Fuels

Israel’s transportation sector, as with those of other developed countries, relies almost entirely on oil as its energy source. Despite this, Israel has little of its own oil & gas resources, and risks exposure to potential economic or geopolitical shocks that might disrupt the standard supply of energy that Israel relies on.

This research examines the ability – or lack thereof – of the Israeli transportation sector to deal with potential shocks or disruptions in the global oil & gas sector, and the possibility that alternative fuels offer in terms of providing energy security in the short and medium term.

Yoav Rothler
As a fellow, Yoav interned in the National Program for Alternative Fuels in the Prime Minister's Office. His research focused on the implementation of alternative fuels to deal with interruptions in the supply of transportation fuels in Israel. Prior to joining...
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