The Effect of Business Groups on the Pricing of IPOs in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 2004-2007

By , Dr. Gitit Gur-Gershgoren

Over the last number of year, the public discussion has focused on the phenomenon of excess oligopolistic trends in the economy, to such an extent that a government committee on increasing competition in the economy was established. This report focuses on one aspect of this oligopolistic concentration of financial and economic power – the holding and managing of money by financial intermediaries and business groups. The Israeli economy has witnessed a growing phenomenon of such groups, and specifically those who employ a pyramid structure.

The report focuses on the years between 2004 and 2007.

Aharon Cohen Mohliver
A three-year fellow (2004-2007), Aharon interned for two years as an economic policy advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and was also an economic advisor for Knesset member Amnon Cohen. Cohen Mohliver wrote numerous research papers during his fellowship. Among...
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