Corporate Bond Market Liquidity in Israel at Heterogeneous Trade Sizes

By , Dr. Gitit Gur Gershgoren

This research highlights the relevant issues for assessing market quality in Israel and puts forward a detailed empirical analysis of the liquidity of the tradable corporate bond market in Israel.

The Israeli corporate bond market is highly transparent and predominantly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) continuous limit order book. Two thirds of the face value of the Israeli corporate bond market is listed on the TASE,1 and approximately 90 percent of the trading volume in exchange-listed corporate bonds takes place on the exchange.

Dustin Plotnick
As a fellow, Dustin interned in the Economic Research division at the Israel Securities Authority. His first-year research focused on liquidity at heterogeneous trade sizes in the Israeli corporate bond market, while his second-year research focused on business group firms,...
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