Alumni event 2018


The Yearly Alumni event dealt with the issue of “transitions”, the transition between the different working sectors why? should I? When? Each and every one experiences different transitions in life. There is no one and correct answer when is it good to change? and this is a subjective experience full of uncertainty – yet you can learn from the experiences of the other and see what suits me and what does not. And therefore we tried to select a variety of graduates from different fields from different periods of the program:

Yali Rotenberg – CFO of Bezeq Graduated from the 2001-2002, Ruby Ginel – CEO of the Manufacturers Association of Israel 1995-1997, Shira Eting – Director of the Bnai Zion Mechins 2015-2016. The panel was moderated by Safa Younes, who is involved in many social activities and has been chosen as one of the 30 most influential women of Globes this year. She is a graduate of class 2017-2018 Was fascinating and enriching.

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