Weighted Student Funding in the Israeli Education System

The Israeli public school system is clearly unable to meet  the many challenges at hand with its spate current budgetary principles. An analysis of the results achieved by these budgetary funding methods shows they are unsuccessful in generating a progressive distribution of the education budget when taking into account Ministry of Education funds alone. When local authority funds are taken into consideration, the distribution of funds becomes regressive with well to do students receiving a larger share of overall spending than underprivileged pupils.

In order to address the achievement gap, a new funding mechanism is recommended for elementary and first-form secondary public schools based on up-to-date academic research and geared toward maximizing the resources made available to under-privileged students. This mechanism, called differential funding, is analyzed in depth in the following study.

Eliav Pollack
As a fellow, Eliav interned in the Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance. His research focused on weighted student funding in the Israeli education system. Prior to joining the Milken Fellows Program, he worked in the Ministry of Finance's...
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