Social Impact Bonds in Health Promotion in Israel

The field of health promotion seeks to affect the social, environmental, and behavioral factors that determine the health of individuals in ways that would encourage each person to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In recent years, a model involving social impact bonds has been developed as a means of funding social projects. In this model, investors go through a social-finance coordinator to supply funding for a social intervention program, with the assumption that its success will create significant savings for the government in the future.

In exploring the possibility of applying the social impact bonds model to public health, this research considers the key steps involved in developing a model of a social impact bond, and also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed model.

Reut Marciano
As a fellow, Reut interned at the Ministry of Health. Her research focused on social impact bonds in health promotion in Israel. Prior to joining the Milken Fellows Program, Marciano worked as a researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel...
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