Natural Resource Management in Israel: Phosphorous Industry Case Study

In the past 30 years alone, there has been a rise of 80% in natural resources mining. And by 2050, it is predicted that, in a business-as-usual scenario, there will be a 300% rise in resources consumption worldwide. These trends can be seen in Israel, from the rise in energy and water prices to the growing demand for minerals for the construction market, as well as the issue of exporting natural gas while ensuring sufficient supply to the Israeli economy for the foreseeable future.

These trends raise important strategic and diplomatic questions regarding the management of natural resources in Israel. This study was designed to examine how natural resource management is done worldwide and in Israel, and to illustrate how to examine the economic-environmental efficiency of the industry, as a necessary stage before making decisions regarding the management of natural resources in the country.

Ziv Lautman
As a fellow, Ziv interned in the Ministry of Environmental Protection. His research focused on natural resource management in Israel, using the phosphorous industry as a case study. Prior to joining the political science, Lautman worked on a solar energy project...
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