Israeli Agri-tech and Indian Agricultural Challenges: Recommendations for an Updated Governmental Policy

The Israeli agri-tech sector has experienced significant growth in recent years. Today there are about 500 Agri-tech companies in Israel, most of them start-ups that are in various stages of development of innovative technologies aimed at changing the face of global agriculture. However, an examination of the Israeli agri-tech companies indicates that most of them are aimed at the Western world. In light of all this, the policy recommendations offered in this paper for the encouragement of innovation and export of Israeli agri-tech technologies to India include several components. Note that many of the recommendations are relevant to other sectors related to international development, such as energy, infrastructure, health, education, etc., as well as for activities in other developing countries besides India.

Dror Shvadron
A 2017-2018 fellow, Shvadron interned at the National Economic Council at the Prime Minister Office. Prior to joining the program, Shvadron worked as a junior economist at the National Economic Council. He was responsible for the Regional Population Projections for...
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