Financing Microenterprises: current status, key barriers and an action plan to gain access to credit

By , Davida (Didi) Lachman-Messer

The area of credit to small businesses, sometimes called ‘microfinance’, is still in its early stages in Israel. In general, microfinance addresses credit access for vulnerable populations, that generally are on the peripheries of established financial and credit systems (if at all).

This research looks into the state of small businesses in Israel, and finds that existing models of microfinance, if implemented, could have a large impact in terms of their access to credit and economic success.

Anat Arbel-Shamir
A two-year fellow (2008-10), Anat interned in the Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Department of the Ministry of Finance. Her first-year research examined Israel's corporate bond market in light of the global financial crisis. Her second-year research explored the demand...
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