Collaborative Commuting Solutions to Address Road Congestion

Traffic congestion in Israel is currently reaching new highs. Many impacts on the economy, including externalities costs estimated at billions of shekels. These challenges are facing most developed countries in the world. However, Israel’s unique characteristics, its different social character and the nature of investments in transportation infrastructure require different alternatives than those observed in other countries. This research explores the roots of the transportation problem in Israel and offers an original and innovative alternative for dealing with the lack of public transport infrastructure. This solution encourages commute ride sharing transportation. The research shows why ride sharing transportation can indeed lead to innovative disruption in the Israeli transportation market and why such disruption will increase people’s welfare. In addition, this study addresses the barriers currently faced by encouraging ride sharing transportation services including taxation policies, consumer protection and more. Furthermore, the conclusions of the research form the basis for recommendations for a change in the regulatory policy regarding transportation services in Israel.

Guy Hilb
A 2018-2019 fellow, Hilb interned at the Israeli Innovation Authority. Prior to joining the program, Hilb worked as a research assistant for Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg. He worked in the areas of pre-school education, and the influence of maternity leaf on...
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