Ethy Levy Research Advisor

Passionate Founder, Impact Innovation Israel
Ethy is the Founder of Impact Innovation Israel, a strategic
consultancy firm focusing on tech and innovation in sectors where
there is a substantial impact on society and the environment.
Ethy works across multiple technology sectors and provides tech
and innovation adoption advisory to Multi Nationals Corporations as
well as to academia and government.
Ethy has a wide experience in creating the right settings to promote
innovation and providing innovators the right tools and skills to bring
their ideas to live and to commercialise them.
Ethy is the co-Founder and Israel CEO of the Bridge Hub. A global
Agrifood tech innovation hub launched recently. The Bridge Hub is
based in Australia and Israel and its aim is to support the whole
agrifood tech eco-system – from the researcher and entrepreneur,
through the growers, farmers and food producers all the way to
large corporates wanting to launch a new product. The Bridge Hub
provides the necessary assistance by bringing Agrifood tech
initiatives to global scale and guiding innovators through the global
AgriFood eco-system. The Bridge Hub provides a way to validate
and test technologies in real conditions with the best partners and
help farmers and growers overcome their challenges and increase
productivity and efficiency through the use of technology.
Ethy has held senior roles in the Israeli Government focusing on
International Trade, Innovation and Investments. She was posted in
Hungary, Thailand and Australia as the Israeli Trade Commissioner
where she created economical links and bridges between the
countries. Through her carrier with the Israeli government, Ethy has
helped hundreds of start ups validate their technology, scale up and
raise capital. She has initiated several projects and programs that
have had a global impact on remote communities.
Following her passion for technology and its impact on society, Ethy
has initiated AMSA – the Advanced Manufacturing Strategic Alliance
– through which she is promoting a very practical but
comprehensive plan to upgrade the manufacturing sector with a
strong focus on SME’s and inclusion. She advises government on

the best ways to implement advanced manufacturing solutions
across all sectors of the industry, especially agriculture.
Ethy has served on the board of Rafael, the leading Israeli defense
company and has served as the Economic Advisor at the Office of
the President of Israel.
Ethy is dedicated to assisting female entrepreneurs and is a
Director and mentor at Springboard – the leading accelerator for
female entrepreneurs. Springboard is a not for profit dedicated to
helping female founders grow their business, raise capital and go
Ethy is a passionate mother of 5, founder and basketball player.

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