Small Businesses in the Arab Sector: An Empirical Comparative Examination

This research compares businesses opportunities in the Arab-Israeli and Jewish-Israeli sectors, and provides a number of different recommendations to bridging the gap that exists between the two. The study also argues that encouraging Arab-Israeli owned small businesses, especially in the North and Negev regions, is crucial for Israel’s continued economic health.

Mahmood Khatib
A two-year fellow (2005-2007), Khatib interned at Knesset with MK Ehud Rassabi of the Finance Committee and with Knesset member Michael Eitan. His research focused on small businesses in the Arab sector and joint employment zones for the Israeli-Arab sector....
Yuval Solomon
As a fellow, Yuval interned Knesset members Daniel Benlolo and Yitzhak Vaknin of the Finance Committee. His research, co-authored with fellow Mahmood Khatib, focused on small businesses in the Arab Sector. Solomon holds a B.A. in business and psychology and...
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