Employment Solutions for the Elderly

In Israel, the elderly are provided grants and subsidies as permanent charity cases. Employment policies toward the elderly need to be revised in order to encourage continued employment opportunity and prevent a poverty existence for many of our senior citizens.

To address these policy need, this report puts forward a number of  recommendations, including:

  1. Ending forced early retirement and pension policies that discourage work.
  2. Raising public awareness of the advantages of employing the elderly.
  3. Creating separate employment training courses for the elderly. 
  4. Providing small business opportunities as a natural solution for many elderly persons seeking work.
Noa Yehezkel
A two-year fellow (2006-08), Yehezkel interned at the Knesset with MK Eliahu Gabai, a member of the Knesset's Economics Committee. Her first-year research focused on employment solutions for the elderly while her second-year research focused on promoting energy efficiency. During...
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