E-commerce and Small Businesses

E-commerce has seen significant growth around the world, but small businesses lag behind in adopting the technologies needed to enable E-commerce. To address this issue in Israel, this research suggests a number of recommendations, including:

  1. Change the laws around public tenders to require that they be issued online
  2. Establish internet banks, with the support of the Bank of Israel, in order to expand access to online payments for small businesses.
  3. Increase small businesses’ access to information and training around E-commerce, through both the private and public sectors.
Leah Sperer
As a fellow, Leah interned with Knesset member Avishai Braverman. Sperer's research focused on e-commerce and small businesses. Sperer holds a B.A. in economics and general history, and an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University. After the program, Sperer worked as...
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