Call for Applications: Financial Innovations for Economic Development Course 55721


The Milken Innovation Center Fellows Program is pleased to announce the enrollment process for its Financial Innovations for Economic Development Course 55721(fall semester) – a 3-hour credit course delivered in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem through the School of Business Administration.

This course will focus on the means and methods of finance applied to social, economic, and environmental challenges.  Financial innovations give rise to new intermediaries (e.g., community venture capital, revolving loan funds, social investment banks, business development companies, venture investment trusts), new types of instruments (e.g., structured finance, microfinance, social, environmental, and development impact bonds, green bonds, diaspora bonds, catastrophic risk bonds, royalty trusts, community investment notes, and risk pooling finance mechanisms and facilities), and new services, platforms or techniques (e.g., ETFs, impact investing, public-private partnerships, international finance facility for immunization, product development partnerships, value-chain financing) to create jobs, build communities, and enable capital formation and economic growth. The course will unpack the application of innovative financing emerging through new products and services, new processes and operations, and organizational forms in addressing problems as diverse as entrepreneurial finance, renewable energy, environmental finance, global health, accelerating medical solutions, regional development, affordable housing, urban revitalization, and infrastructure.


Students will work through problem sets for innovative financing structures for development projects, acquire and apply data gathering, economic, and financial analytical skills to identify specific market failures in developing economies enabling them to apply appropriate financial tools to bridge capital gaps for project and enterprise finance. This would include the ability to identify innovation-led growth targets (e.g., increased crop yields, reduction of disease incidence, lower credit access costs), choose a coherent, time and risk-balanced portfolio of development initiatives required to meet a measurable and tangible development target (e.g., prevention, diagnostics, treatment for global health; job creation and sustainable income and wealth formation); differentiate business, market and technological opportunities for a development target (e.g., on-grid, off-grid, and/or undergrid renewable energy); evolve, accelerate, extend and scale sustainable development business models; and identify criteria for replication (capitalizing external networks, motivate and reward repeating positive-sum economic development strategies).

Students will have the opportunity to apply for our Development Finance Practice Fellowship program- a 6 months fully funded Fellowship program in Israel where they will be placed in private sector organizations to enable them to work on their project implementation plan. Students will also discover why capital structure matters in aligning diverse interests into new business models for social and economic change to address Sustainable Development Goals for 2030


Course Details:

October 10th, 2021– January 14th, 2022

Time: Wednesdays, 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Location: Jerusalem Graduate School of Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Zoom

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There is an info session for the class on Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Time: 11.00am (Israel Time)

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