Policies and programs to encourage the creation of new and non-traditional sources of sustainable financing for economic and community development projects and programs, including leveraging philanthropic, private, and public partnerships in affordable housing, financial inclusion, and employment programs for at-risk populations.

Social enterprise financing

  • IVN Launches Tandem Fund
  • Dualis expands equity investment fund

Affordable Housing

  • Introduction of first housing Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in Israel

Banking Alternatives

  • Bank Supervisor issued new guidelines allowing for the creation of alternative financial institutions
  • Cabinet authorizes independent credit scoring program
  • Strum Committee issues recommendations about banking forums and competition
  • Baris Committee issues report for the creation of credit unions/Government forms new regulator to oversee creation of credit unions

Social Capital Market

  • Government awarded tender for creation of Social Investment Fund
  • Social Finance – Israel issued two Social Impact Bonds, including a diabetes prevention program