Strategies and policy initiatives to strengthen Israel’s economic and financial infrastructure, including expansion programs to support the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, regulatory approaches to improve competitiveness and reduce economic concentration, targeted sector programs to encourage the development globally-competitive technologies, and training in financial economics through the Milken Fellows Programs.

Target Sectors

  • Biomedical development fund launched by Orbimed, leveraging an initial $243 million in VC investment
  • FinTech accelerator launched by Citi
  • Legislation to end barriers to the transference of bank accounts, as well as transparency in fees on consumer accounts


  • Israel Securities Authority updated reporting requirements and streamlined registration requirements
  •  Legislation to reduce pre-payment of Value-added Tax on small business

Capital Markets

  • Legislation passed to Sovereign Investment Fund with profits from gas sales
  • Audit of SME programs and reforms in the programs under the Small Business Authority

International trade

  • $300 million trade protocol signed between Israel and China
    California-Israel Global Innovation Partnership Agreement signed
  •  Water policy and business co-innovation teams launched for water technologies
  •  International trade credit guarantee program revised and expanded