Innovative policy strategies, programs, and projects to meet environmental challenges in Israel and elsewhere on the globe, including valuation of ecosystem service, creating sustainable infrastructures to protect the national river basins, cost effective and scalable solutions to treat solid waste, and development of market-driven alternatives to fossil fuels.

Alternative Fuels

  • Creation of the $330 million Fuel Choices Initiative in the Prime Minister’s Office
  • Research conducted by fellow Zviya Baron was instrumental to the work of the National Economic Council, resulting in a government decision to invest 1.5 billion NIS and channel a total of 14 billion NIS to encourage fuel substitutes for transportation.

Solid Waste

  • Tender for solid waste source separation projects issued for NIS 500 million in 2012
  •  Tender for waste to energy and composting facilities issued in 2012


  • Government implements green procurement guidelines for all ministries based – 2012
  •  Israel’s Green Building Council adopts green building standards for building construction and renovation in Israel
  • Rooftop Solar Mini-grids in public housing implemented as part of the Good Neighbors Program

Climate Change

  • Government proposes programs and policies to achieve Israel’s carbon emission goals for Paris COP Treaty – 2015
  • Government Decision (542) for 500 Million NIS  in guarantees for energy efficiency