Each week the fellows meet as a group to learn from Israeli and international policymakers, researchers and business leaders and to experience group learning.

The fellows gain priceless insight and knowledge as they interact weekly with senior thought leaders, build professional networks, expand their horizons and perfect their research skills.

The exclusive weekly research seminar, which allows small-group interaction, is not open to the public. Below is a just a sample of the high-level speakers featured at these research seminars:


Galit Cohen, Deputy Director-General for Planning and Sustainability, Environmental Protection Ministry

Topic: Strategic Planning at the Ministry


Dr. Shmuel Abramzon, Head of Research Department, National Economic Council

Topic: Government strategic thinking process strategic assessment


Ron Tzur, Chief of Staff‏‏‏, head of the HR Reform Initiative in the Israeli civil-service,Prime Minister Office, Civil Service Commission

Topic: Reform in the Government Sector


Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO, Start-up Nation Central

Topic: Israel as a Start up Nation


Prof. Eytan Sheshinski, Head of the Sheshinski Committe

Topic: Sheshinski Committee’s


Adv. Dror Strum, Head of the Strum Committee

Topic: Competitiveness, the cost of living & the structure of the economy


Tomer Lotan, Director-General of the Center of Citizen Empowerment

Topic: Difficulties in the implementation of public sector policies and human resources in the public sector.


Guy Rolnik, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, TheMarker.com

Topic: Israel’s Future and the Role of Business Media in Responsible and Constructive Public Debate.


Chagit Rubinstein, Program Director, Microenterprise Initiative, Koret Israel Economic Development Funds (KIEDF(

Topic: Challenges and Opportunities – Microfinance in Israel


Yariv Cohen, Chairman of Kaenaat

Topic: Impact investing and development projects


Prof. Yishay Yafeh, Associate Professor, School of Business Administration, Hebrew University

Topic: Corporate Governance


Visiting and meeting key people at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Park Ariel Sharon and more