Jonathan Winter

Photographer: Danielle Shitrit

Jonathan was the Google Policy Fellow at the Milken Innovation Center in the years 2019-2020. Prior to that, Jonathan was a member of the political psychology lab at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, from which he holds an M.A degree.

Jonathan’s main research interests include political and experimental psychology, theories of international relations and topics related to the intersection between society and technology. Jonathan has also worked as a teaching assistant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at IDC Herzliya. For his research, Jonathan has received the Annenberg Foundation scholarship for American Studies as well as a scholarship from the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development.

The Google Policy

The Google Policy Fellowship offers university graduates an opportunity to examine public policy concerning internet-based information and communications technologies and the growth of new markets and the Israeli economy.  The fellow will intern at the Milken Innovation Center for six months under the guidance and supervision of Milken staff.

The Milken Innovation Center aims to explore research concerning of internet and technology policy around which several topics related to Israeli internet policy  will be examined.  In addition, the Milken Innovation Center will identify finance opportunities in public policy to improve digital capabilities and solve internet policy related issues.

Therefore we are excited to launch this unique fellowship. The fellow will receive a stipend per month (for six months). 


Fellowship Research Products will include:

  • The fellow will share his knowledge with the 2018-2019 Milken Innovation Center Fellows, the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, and any other relevant stakeholders
  • Applied Research Paper/Article etc.