Marina Lobnov Analyst

Marina is an analyst at the Milken Center for Innovation at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy
Studies. She holds a bachelor's degree in water and environmental engineering from the
Technion and a research student in the Department of Public Policy at Tel Aviv University.
Her research deals with food security in the State of Israel. In addition to her academic
research, Marina serves as a teaching assistant in the Department of Public Policy and the
Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University.

Prior to that, she worked at the planning, policy and strategy department at the Ministry of
Environmental Protection. Her work included coordinating the public-sharing processes with
the various environmental organizations and managing the green and labeling project. She
then joined the Industrial Administration in the Ministry of Economy an industry where she
served as a member of the implementation team for Government Decision improving the
business environment for the industry in Israel.

Prior to joining the public service, she gained extensive experience in various community
development and research projects dealing with water, agriculture, and environmental
education issues in India, Mexico, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

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