Beta Site Financing for Fuel Choice Initiatives

This research provides recommendations for technical and financial tools that would address the challenges faced by biofuel and synthetic fuel companies in Israel.

In Israel, following Government Resolution 1354, passed in 2010, and Resolution 2790, passed in 2011, the Fuel Choices Initiative (FCI) was formed. One of FCI goals is to, “reduce the share of crude oil in Israel’s transportation sector by 30% by 2020 and by 60% by 2025 while supporting green growth.”  There are 318 active companies in fuel alternatives (FA) and smart transportation; yet from these groups, only a few companies operate in the biofuels and synthetic fuels sectors.

Ran Charag
As a fellow, Ran interned at the Fuel Choices Initiative program in the Prime Minister’s office. His research focused on beta site financing for the program‏. Prior to joining the Milken Fellows Program, Charag worked as a business analyst for...
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